Low Voltage Step Heaters


Snow melting on heated steps.Welcome Home to Snow & Ice Free Steps!

Are you tired of shoveling snow and ice off your steps?
Would you like to reduce the risk of injuries to yourself, your family, and friends who visit your home?
Do you prefer to spend your time with loved ones, rather than clearing snow?

Warm Welcome® low voltage step heaters gently warm your stairs, reducing snow, ice, and the risk of injuries. This winter, you can give your mind a rest from worry, give your back a break, and leave your snow shovel in the garage.

No matter how many steps you may have at your home or business, there’s no shoveling required once you have  Warm Welcome® snow-melting step heaters installed. These rugged step heaters are easily installed on wood or concrete surfaces. They give you more time to do the things you love and less stress.  See our easy installation instructions.

The Warm Welcome® stair heaters are economical and require no maintenance.  They feature a durable, laminated heating system with a rugged non-slip surface which is resistant to weather, solvents, and the sun.

Be discriminating!  Don’t be fooled by knockoffs.  Only Warm Welcome® step heaters are the originally patented, low-voltage solution.  So this winter when snow blankets your steps, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the season.  Call (888) 437-3003 for details or email any time.

Warm Welcome® – No Shoveling Required