Low Voltage Step Heaters

Step Heater Overview


Safer Stairs Easily

Low voltage step heaters are safe, economical, and require no maintenance. They feature a durable laminated heating system and a rugged non-slip surface that is both waterproof and resistant to the harshest winter weather, solvents, and even the sun.

These snow-melting heaters reduce the worry of slipping.  Even in tough winter conditions Warm Welcome® low voltage step heaters keep snow and ice from accumulating on stairs without the need for shoveling or using corrosive salt or chemicals that can be harmful to the stairs’ surface.

Stair treads come in multiple sizes for every application.  All stair treads are 9″ deep. Widths come in  30,” 36,” and 48.”  Landing treads are 24″ x 36″.

Since the 1990’s stair heaters have been used throughout North American residences and commercial buildings as well as on airport shuttles, school buses, passenger trains, and even on off-shore oil platforms in the North Sea. One of the “Best New Products” in Do It Best Retailing, these treads have been sized for standard, exterior stairs.

Stair heater installation is straightforward with included mounting hardware, which keeps the treads in place.  Once connected to an outdoor transformer, each tread takes approximately 10 minutes to warm up.  Configure your stair heaters here.

Warm Welcome® – No Shoveling Required