Low Voltage Step Heaters

How They Work for Mass Transit

Rugged and Maintenance Free

Whatever your specific transit requirements, WARM WELCOME® can help your passengers board and debark with more safety.  Manufacturers often offer the step heaters pre-installed at the factory.

Retrofitting is not a problem for after-market installations in existing vehicles and fleets.  The step heaters come pre-wired, install quickly, and work beneath any size step or lift.

Mass Transit step heaters are built with a thin profile and are installed between the transit vehicles’ factory step treads, and the floor.  The top layer floor tread overlays the foil-covered heat element while the bottom (also foil-covered) lays flat against the  vehicle floor.  In this manner, the look and feel of the vehicle step is preserved while the  heater is  protected and your passengers are ensured a comfortable step.

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WARM WELCOME® – No Shoveling Required