Low Voltage Step Heaters

Mass Transit Overview



Since 1991, Warm Welcome® low voltage step heaters have been used throughout North America in major city transit systems that provide services in cold weather. These same snow-melting heaters have been installed on airport shuttles, school buses, passenger trains, and even on off-shore oil platforms in the North Sea.

You’ll find Warm Welcome® low voltage step heaters from  NYC to Toronto, Toledo to Washington DC, Cleveland to Spokane and many more metropolitan areas.

With a thin profile and zero moving parts WARM WELCOME® Step heaters can easily be installed (at the factory or retrofitted to existing vehicles) beneath the treads of any size steps or lifts.  Each one is pre-wired for quick and easy installation.  The step treads are environmentally friendly replacing corrosive salts and potentially damaging de-icing chemical to preserve the steps of your vehicles and save on maintenance.

The Bottom Line: Your commercial vehicles will be safer for boarding and debarking, so your passengers won’t be concerned about snow or ice covered steps.  When safety matters, depend on our time-saving, proven solution to give your passengers a safer, more welcoming ride.  To speak with one of our engineers call (888) 437-3003 or email any time.