Low Voltage Step Heaters



Peace Of Mind – is worth a lot.  Can you picture yourself enjoying winters more as you rest easy knowing your risk of snow and ice related falls has been reduced?   Safer steps and walkways protect everyone who lives within or visits your home.  Even your mail person will sing your praises!

For over 20 years the originally patented Warm Welcome® Step Heaters have brought peace of mind to homeowners, landlords, businesses, and transit companies throughout North America.  In fact, Warm Welcome’s benefits have been enjoyed as far as the North Sea.

Yes, you too, can sleep better with the Peace of Mind only Warm Welcome® can provide.

“I’m sure we’ve avoided lawsuits.”

Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, New York

Safe Low Voltage – provides effective clearing of ice and snow.  No GFI is required.  Each step tread operates using only 60-75 watts of power and comes pre-wired for easy installation. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs without the low voltage benefit.  The originally patented product by Warm Welcome® delivers safety along with superior performance.

Thin profile – Measuring approximately 1/8″ in thickness, the step treads are almost unnoticeable and easy to navigate.  Best of all, the step heaters and landing treads can be configured to create a customized solution that suits your unique needs.

Environmentally Friendly – Warm Welcome® step heaters are chemical free,  replacing corrosive and caustic chemicals.  They preserve the environment, your stairs, and concrete.  Step heaters are safe for pets too.

Economical and Affordable – Warm Welcome step heaters are very cost effective.  Why should you spend the money on chemicals that you have to continually repurchase and store when Warm Welcome® step heaters melt the snow and ice without you having to lift a finger, except to turn on the power switch?

Easy On Demand   – The low voltage step heaters can be left operating all the time or turned off with the flick of a switch.  Icy steps melt away becoming a thing of the past.  Installation is simple, and each stair heater comes pre-wired ready for quick use.

Worry free, Care free – Warm Welcome® step heaters require no maintenance.  They are a rugged, dependable, and reliable tool for winter safety.  Life is better when No Shoveling is Required.  Here’s how to order.

Warm Welcome®
Helping You Watch Every Step